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What Cash Value is in a Life Insurance Policy

Whole life and indexed universal life policies are not like term insurance. You can keep the policy in force until your death or it expires.

Are You Interested in Cash Value Life?

You can withdraw partial amounts. You can withdraw partial amounts if the money isn’t repaid.

Every type of policy comes with a level of risk. Whole life policies are the most risk-free because your cash accumulation is assured. Variable life policies can, however, be more in line with the risk that you may take when investing in stocks. Understanding how risk and cash value accumulation correlate is crucial to help you choose the right policy for your tolerance.

Many people are interested in purchasing life insurance. However, they may be hesitant to do so because of myths or misconceptions.

Your family’s safety is the top priority.

You might consider purchasing our Chronic Care option to get tax-free acceleration to your policy’s death benefits to help you avoid financial hardship if you are ever diagnosed with a chronic illness. You can also use part of your policy’s death benefit to cover treatment and care through the Living Benefits option if you are already terminally ill.

Remember that if the money you take out is not cash but includes investment or interest gains, then you are subject to tax.

Cash value can be used to pay for your premium on life insurance.

Some policies can take years to accumulate significant cash value. You could be waiting decades to have access to a large amount. Some policies build cash value faster in the first years.

You can default on the loan and die without paying it back. Your beneficiaries will receive the remaining loan balance, plus interest. Many policyholders decide to cash out their cash and want their beneficiaries to receive a lower payout.

These numbers can vary depending on which life insurance company you choose, what type of policy that you buy, and sometimes, how current the interest rates are. It is important that you research the top life insurance companies to find the highest cash return on your investment.

With an investment account and cash value insurance, you get lifelong protection. The cash value, which is a portion of the premium you pay, grows over time with interest. You will get the cash value of your policy if you cash in your life insurance before the due date and give up your coverage to the insurer. The cash value can be used to make partial or full withdrawals, pay for premiums and access it as a loan.