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The true outcome of our work is to remove financial stress so that clients can truly live every DAY with possibility.

We often work with individuals who are nearing retirement, but they are extremely stressed about:

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The Retirement DIET PlanTM


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Schedule a connection call by dialing 800-566-1002 or clicking on our calendar link.  During this call, we will discuss what is most important to you, and what you are trying to accomplish on a deep level; inch wide and mile deep.

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Retirement DIET Plan™

Our trademarked Retirement DIET Plan™ process takes the financial stress out of retirement so that you can have certainty to truly live everyday with possibility.


Retirement DIET Plan™ Implementation

We are committed to being a bold leader and guide you through every step so that you can achieve your dream retirement without financial stress and deathbed regrets.

We believe that you deserve to stop working and start living as quickly as possible, with the smallest amount of effort.

Our Process

“We are committed to being a bold leader and guide you through every step so that you can achieve your dream retirement without financial stress and deathbed regrets.”
-Derek Ifasi

Ifasi Financial

Learn about our trademarked process which has helped thousands of individuals achieve their dream retirement without financial stress and deathbed regrets.

Ifasi Financial

Our team can assist you in developing a Retirement DIET Plan to fit your financial needs.

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