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Jackson National Life Annuities

An annuity allows clients to take an active role in creating their annuity portfolio. This system has four components: equities, fixed-income securities, and bonds. Equities and fixed-income investments tend to be conservative. They offer a lower return potential but are less likely to crash. Alternative investment strategies, however, are riskier and can offer higher returns.

Jackson National Life Annuity Review

Calculating the potential return on annuities involves many factors. Variable annuities are more difficult to calculate because the markets in which your money is invested can vary from one annuitant to the next. If you assume that all fees are added to your account and that you have full access to your funds, then the prospects of growth look promising. Investments are not certain.

Jackson Annuities Flexibility

Jackson uses more than the premium amount to calculate your monthly payments. Jackson also uses financial information such as your gender and age.

Jackson National annuities typical offer income rider options at a cost than can be a detriment to the overall account value and death benefit value when the performance is also down.

Pros and cons of Jackson Annuity

Jackson sells annuities mainly through financial advisors and brokers. According to the Secure Retirement Institute, Jackson was America’s most-sold total annuity in 2019. Annuities can be added riders that allow you to adjust your benefits. However, adding riders to annuities can increase the cost of your annuity.